The Original Activated Nut

We can crack any nut.

Because we do understand its core.

Our careful activation procedure prompts the natural germination of our precious organic nuts. This activation ennobles every 2die4 nut in an inimitable manner. The nuts are easier to digest and contain the maximum of their valuable nutrients.

Yet, we cannot describe the legendary taste.

It's 2die4 !


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€ 100.00 in Germany,

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€ 300.00 Rest of Europe


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Of course, all our 2die4 nuts are sourced from selected partners with certified organic farming. For us, highest quality is key. That’s why our raw nuts already reveal a particular crunch, taste and flavour. 

But only our sophisticated activation realizes their full potential. 

The nuts are being soaked in springwater and sea salt in a slow and careful process, prompting the natural germination. Now the maximum of valuable nutrients is available. 

Our following slow dehydration is particularly gentle. It helps to provide the valuable nutrients while preserving the characteristic crunch of each nut.

For many, this explosion in taste is “umami”.

We say: It's 2die4 !


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