Almonds, Brazils, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Pistachios, Pumpkinseeds, Walnuts

The 60’s/70’s movement into raw and whole foods contained major blunders in our search for healthier diets. Sadly omitted from that wildly developing new cuisine was the ancient art of fermentation.

With the wise application of this bounteous craft, nutrients such as proteins and carbs, which can be difficult for some people to digest, are enzymatically converted to a pre-digested state, leaving that food nutritionally enhanced, eminently digestible (pre-digested), very tasty, and naturally preserved.

Nuts, seeds and grains want to survive and become trees and plants! So Nature jealously protects that right-to-life with a variety of natural chemicals. , such as phytic acid, various enzyme suppressors such as amylase inhibitors, oxalic acid, tannins and several others, are part of a plant’s own immune system, and as such, fulfill various functions – eg., some acting as natural preservatives, preventing the harvested food from rotting quickly by thwarting bacterial, insect, and other forms of predation; others protecting the seed’s ability to germinate, and so on. In raw and under-prepared foods, we are continually and unwittingly consuming these natural plant sentries.

With our 2die4 slow soaking and drying process we remove anti-nutrients from nuts and seeds.


To take Time, be precise and patient is our passion – the only way to get the Magic into our Nuts….

2die4 Live Foods ACTIVATED nuts and seeds have been long soaked in a uniquely developed natural solution, where the proliferating lactic acid/enzyme environment sets about its brilliant work. A simple procedure, yet promoting such a profound change – the dormant seed has been activated. The nut swells; various beneficial bacteria which naturally inhabit the surfaces of all raw foods multiply.

Next, the nuts are long-dried (dehydrated) at very low temperatures. This arrests (does not kill) this nutrient-enlivening transformation, which simply re-activates once the nut mixes with our saliva.

Some of the most alive and health-promoting foods on this planet are fermented – powerfoods such as tempeh, long-fermented breads, kimchi, Kefir, miso, olives, tamari, sauerkraut, umeboshi, and indian idli (from fermented rice flour).

Activation of nuts and seeds via 2die4’s methods induces a totally different body response. They become noticeably lighter, tastier, free of bitterness, markedly more-ish, and in fact, as many of our very alive clients have spontaneously declared, “2die4”!!